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>Data Storytelling: From Numbers to Action

Data Storytelling: From Numbers to Action

Discover why communicating and persuading effectively with data is a crucial skill for anyone. Whether you’re communicating with  colleagues, leaders, clients, or customers, influencing your audience to make the best possible decisions requires clear data narratives and effective visualisation techniques.


About The Speaker


Ismael Pineda is a Data Analyst at Fortris, a Málaga-based fintech that is a world leader in building software for enterprise use of digital assets. For the past four years, Ismael has been working to help organisations to cross the data-driven chasm. Throughout his journey, he has gained hands-on experience collaborating with different departments (product, marketing, human resources & customer service); researched new ways to make use of data; empowered a culture of data exploration and democratisation; used specialised tools to generate reports and dashboards which support executives and stakeholders with better business decisions. He is a passionate data educator and an advocate of knowledge diffusion by collaborating on research papers and training events. He holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Science from the University of Malaga.


Sessions By Ismael Pineda

Data Storytelling: From Numbers to Action