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>Ismael Pineda

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Ismael Pineda

Ismael Pineda is a Data Analyst at Fortris, a Málaga-based fintech that is a world leader in building software for enterprise use of digital assets. For the past four years, Ismael has been working to help organisations to cross the data-driven chasm. Throughout his journey, he has gained hands-on experience collaborating with different departments (product, marketing, human resources & customer service); researched new ways to make use of data; empowered a culture of data exploration and democratisation; used specialised tools to generate reports and dashboards which support executives and stakeholders with better business decisions. He is a passionate data educator and an advocate of knowledge diffusion by collaborating on research papers and training events. He holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Science from the University of Malaga.



Sessions By Ismael Pineda

Data Storytelling: From Numbers to Action